Face Your Bully – Facing Your Fear “series 1”


1418846725d5h3tFace your bully

Whoever your bully is, if you have been bullied in your life, you have to face your bully. If not, you will always be chained up and limited to your past or your present life situation.

In Eric Thomas’ book “The Secret to Success,” chapter one, he tells his story in details of the first time he confronted his abusive step dad and his mother for letting the abuse go on. He used to go to school in bruises because of his abuisve step dad and he had to wear long sleeves to cover them. However, when he was a teenager, for the first time when he felt another punishment coming, he decided not to succumb. HE FOUGHT BACK. He ran outside the house cursed his stepdad for abusing him and cursed his mother for letting it happen and not saying anything about it.

My first bully

Broken-chainsI remember my first bully. The story of Eric Thomas went straight to my heart because it was so much similar to my past. My first bully was a family member of mine as well. I lived in fear and anxiety everyday at home. When home supposed to be where you should feel comfortable and secure, I felt the opposite. I walked on egg shells everyday. However, when I was little I was never of a confrontational type. I was meek and obedient. I lived years hiding my pain and fear to myself letting the abuse go on and feeling guilty about why I was always F’ing up and what a worthless person that I am. I thought everything was my fault and that is why the person was always mad at me.

Then it started changing a little by little. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. But slowly I started changing inside. My feeling sorry for myself, sadness, and meekness started being replaced with anger and rebelliousness. Maybe I started realizing something was wrong, maybe a new spirit took over inside me, or maybe I was just FED UP with being bullied all the time and being abused. I remember I started yelling back, I started breaking everything, I started cussing back, I started having a different attitude. Also I remember shocked looks on their faces. Their physical abuse stopped.

For the first time in my life, I learned that I can fight back. That I can control my situation. That I don’t have to be a slave to other’s injustice.