Face fear of changes – Facing your Fear Series 3




So you are a hard worker…you are disciplined…you can work everyday….you are not lazy….but there have been no improvements or progress in a long time…

It may be that you are too comfortable with where you are…or you may be scared of changes…

You must face fear of changes if you want changes in your life…

Work Hard or Work Smart?

There’s been debates about what is better…to work hard or work smart??

1391539118c54fxI’d say both. Working hard itself may not help you reach your goal. But working smart itself may not help you reach your goal either. To be successful, you should know how to do both.

I’d say working hard is the most basic foundation that needs to be built to be successful. Working hard is the backbone to success. However, even if you have the discipline to work hard, it will not always leap you towards success. If you don’t know how to work smart.

Work smart is taking risks. It’s about being flexible from what your comfortable with. It’s about pushing your boundary. It’s about strategizing and trying new things. And you’ll be surprised how fast your progress is going to be when you decide to change things up and take a risk for your repetitious routine that you had for a long time.

But let me repeat…YOU HAVE TO BUILD UP THE DISCIPLINE TO WORK CONSISTENTLY before you decide to take a leap.

Constantly changing and taking different risks won’t necessarily to bring you to success either.

My example…

When I got out of the Marine Corps, my first major long term goal was to compete in a bodybuilding show. But I knew I had to build some basic foundation first. I had to get into habit of lifting at the gym and dieting everyday. This is the “Working Hard” part that I had to get it locked before I even decide to start looking for a competition. So for about a year and 6 months, I religiously went to the gym and bumping up my calorie intake to build more muscle mass and strength. After a year and 6 months of continuous “Hard Work.” I knew it was about time I had to step up and do something about this.

file000868040064It was time for me to CHANGE. I had a solid base, now I had to change everything drastically that I have routinely followed for 1.5 year. Because I wanted to start preparing for a competition. A lot of “gym rats” go to the gym just to work out for years and years and even call themselves a “bodybuilder” even if they never stepped on a stage. Why? Because competing for a show is a whole different world. It’s tough. The pressure. The mental part. The diet. Cardio. Working on posing. Working on your symmetry. Being judged in front of the judges and the crowd. THe focus. The hunger. Restraining from eating your favorite food and drinks. You get mentally drained. You are physically tired and edgy for being depleted of carbohydrates.

That’s why it’s very challenging and intimindating for even gym addicts who’s been going to gym for decades to step onto a stage….But I had a goal…and without changing my comfotable routine…and drastically changing everything I won’t be ready for a stage….

Changing your life…Facing fear…

file8601345353204So what did that do for me? I got first place in the bodybuilding show in my weight class.

What else?

I got to live on my own and experience life on my own terms when I was 16 on my own for 6 months.

I got to live in China for two years and experience culture and learn the language.

I beat my severe depression.

I became a US Marine.

I got to perform a theatrical show as a lead role and got many praises from fellow actors and people (It was my first theatrical show).

I got to sing on a stage and get good feedbacks from people and they did not know it was my first time singing on a stage ever.

And so on….and more to come…

If I were stuck in my comfort zone and did not welcome changes…none of these would’ve happened. I would’ve not accomplished any of my goals….My life would’ve not changed drastically. I’d still be the same timid depressed kid….who’d mope around hopelessly everyday.