How to turn a bad day into a better day – Gratitude


Somedays it’s just hard to feel good…

file1701347712205Not everyday can be smooth. Some days no matter how hard you try it’s really hard to bring up your spirit. Maybe there’s no particular circumstance that you are dealing with that is negative. Even if everything on the outside has been going smooth, but something “feels” not right internally. Or maybe there’s a circumstance that you are dealing with is negative but there’s nothing you can do about it at the moment but to wait it out until things get better (injuries, illness, debt, or etc.) So what’s a one way to deal with this type of situation to turn it around and start feeling “good” again? Here’s how to turn a bad day into a better day…Start appreciating…

First step…

dawn-nature-sunset-people-largeWhen you are not feeling good, you are naturally inclined to not appreciate anything but focus on the negatives. But this inclination can be turned around by focusing on things that you can appreciate. But the key is to START SMALL. Do not put a lot of force and pressure on it when you first start. Try to anchor yourself in the moment by taking slow deep breath and look around the surrounding.

Maybe you are living in a small moldy apartment room and there may be nothing to appreciate but everything
about your surrounding makes you cringe. But you do have roof over your head. You have a restroom that you can use whenever you need. You have a place to live that shelters you from cold weather…..Just think about it…Really think about it…before your mind starts thinking about other reasons to stay negative…Having all these amenities makes your life a lot easier than living out in the street…especailly during the cold winter.

Okay perhaps you don’t have a home, and you are reading this from library or some other public computer access. You got up this morning, didn’t you? You had an opportunity to drink water at least to not die from dehydration. You have visions to see and read this post. You have the vision to view all these beautiful shapes that are provided in this world. Okay, so maybe you are blind, and you need someone else to help you read this post. Well, “at least” you have someone that appreciate you and care enough to read this for you….The point is just like there are so many reasons for you to not appreciate anything about this world and your life, there are so many reasons to DO APPRECIATE anything in your life.It requires a small low pressured effort to start and get on with this.

Next Step…

person-woman-smartphone-girl-largeOnce you find something to REALLY appreciate, really FEEL it. Pay attention to how good it makes you feel. Once you start to feel a little good, look for another thing to appreciate about. As your good feelings start accumulating you’ll be surprised how easy it is and how there are so many things that you can appreciate for. It’s like a snow ball effect, it’ll get bigger and bigger until it becomes gigantic as the ball rolls. As you find more things to appreciate, you will find yourself start feeling good and you may be surprised how different you feel compared to earlier on and how quickly you can have that good feeling and it’s all under your own control.

This is also a very good habit to have. Just like anything, with a good amount of practice you can always get better at it. Personally what I like to do is I set aside a time everyday to sit down and write something that I appreciate. But the key is to not force it or fake it. It’s gotta be something that you truly appreciate.

How do you know if you truly appreciate it or not? If it starts giving me a good feeling even a slight bit I know that I do appreciate it and feels good to have that thing in my life.

My Today’s Example…

trees-grass-lawn-park-largeI’ve been bummed out because just recently I’ve sprained my ankle from skateboarding(something that I really LOVE
that I do “religiously” almost everyday) and some other minor issues that’s been bugging me. And I’m typing this as I’m sitting at a local park where there’s a small skate park right next to me. The weather is freezing. And just watching others skate and feeling poopy was not helping me to think of anything positive about my current situation. As I was feeling stressed out about how long it’s gonna take until my ankle heals and worrying about losing all the progress I made from skateboarding so far, I started looking around the park. There was a playground with bunch of excited kids running around and yelling (my 5 year old son being one of the loudest ones lol). And there were trees, grass, fresh air, sound of skateboards rolling and hitting the concrete floor, this nice bench I’m sitting on, beautiful
scenery, beautiful park. A good warm feeling started to flow in slowly. Then all these things that I feel fortunate and grateful for that I completely forgot about started reeling in. It was that simple and didn’t take a long time for me to start feeling so good about life when less than an hour ago I was feeling very down about my current situation.

Your worst day can turn into a good day. It only requires a bit of effort. Try it out!

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.