How to deal with big tasks (part 2) – Do other easy tasks first.


Eliminate excuses…

800px-Gatorade_Rain_no_excusesIn the first part of “How to deal with big tasks” article, I discussed how important it is to focus on little steps when you are trying to accomplish big tasks . But in this article, we are going to focus on what can be done prior to executing big tasks.

If we have this one daunting task that we have to do, our mind tend to make excuses to bail out of it and why you should not do it at the moment, why you shouldn’t focus on it right now, and etc….

For an example, if you have an upcoming exam and you have to study for it, all of sudden all these other minor tasks that you need to do became more important than studying for the exam…that you need to do these first prior to studying for your exam.

You waste your time doing unproductive thing through out the day, and now when it’s time to study for the exam, you all of sudden remember that you have to go to the gym….you all of sudden remember you have to wash dishes….or do laundry…..Well it’s all excuses…..You just don’t want to study for exam so you subconsciously find ways to bail out….Your mind is very sneaky…

Finish easy tasks early…


Early bird gets the worm!

If you have other things you need to do in your schedule, finish all the easy ones first…. as early as possible. Everytime you need to do a big task or a daunting task, your mind will create excuses why you should be focusing on other things first…so you will waste a lot of time being distracted and dwelling on these. But if you have finished all the easy tasks early, your mind cannot find any more excuses to distract you from doing your big task. And you’d have the rest of the day only to be focusing on your big task.

You did all your laundry, washed dishes, went to the gym early in the morning, made your meals, and now you have entire afternoon to only worry about your exam.

Also this is a good habit to have. If you create a habit to get on with all these minor tasks early in the morning, you won’t waste whole bunch of time being distracted with unproductive things such as watching TV, being on social media, youtube, and etc. And because these minor tasks are easy and low pressured tasks, you are more willing to get them done early without procrastination.

My Example…

cup-mug-desk-office-largeWriting contents or working on my website is one of the big tasks that’s in my schedule. And sometimes, I get distracted with watching mindless things on youtube in the morning. And by the time I need to focus on working on my website, I start making excuses why I should do other minor tasks I haven’t done yet…such as exercising, stretching, washing dishes, skateboarding, buying groceries, and etc. So I started doing these things right away when I wake up in the morning. Since these are easy tasks to do, I rarely get distracted in between. When I’m done with all these tasks, I feel very good because I got most of my daily agenda out of the way already. Because I feel good, I have more urge to get on with my other difficult tasks and get them out of the way also. Also because I’ve gotten all minor tasks out of the way, when I’m focusing on developing my website, I can’t come up with any excuses why I shouldn’t be working on this right now.

Please feel free to leave comments or share any of your experiences.