Do not be outcome dependent



13584381235ldi7Yes, do not be outcome dependent when you are pursuing a goal….especially during the beginning stage. It’s important to set a goal and visualize as if you have achieved it. It’s important to work hard and give it as much as you can to create a great result. However, if you are putting all your eggs in one basket and expect something to happen overnight, you’re bound to get yourself frustrated way too early and way too frequently and more likely fall off the wagon. Road to success should be treated like a marathon. You have to build a solid base. What I mean by solid base is you have to build your basic strength – working consistently. Work ethic is more important than producing results during the beginning stage. You have to WORK ON YOUR WORK.

Outcome Independence will keep you focused.

road-nature-hand-path-largeBy being outcome indepedent, your success does not depend on the outcome itself, but your success depends on whether you put in work or not. Everytime you execute, you are succeeding. Everytime you execute, you are one step closer to your goal. Trust me, as long as you keep doing this, you will get to your end goal. Every little steps cannot be overlooked. Every little steps will add up and help you reach the top.

Most people do not reach their goal, not because they are not talented, but most people are too outcome dependent and get themselves discouraged way too earlier in the game.

But if you just focus on each action you took and not so much on the result, this will keep you going. This will keep you energized and build momentum. Always, have your focus on the ultimate goal, but do not get so caught up with noticeable results each time you take a step. As long as you have a faith that you will get there, and take steps without expecting too much, everything will just happen naturally.

My experience…

file000982062816During my teenage years, I had a lot of ambitions and tried many different things. However, I just did not have the patience and I did not know how to accomplish a goal. I was a hard worker. I remember practicing day and night trying to become a better basketball player. I remember practicing day and night practicing flare(a breakdance move) to become a better breakdancer. I remember practicing day and night mixing on turntables trying to beome a DJ. And I did make improvements. But they only lasted for “days and nights,” not months or years. Why? Because I was so outcome dependent. Even though I made improvements, I gave in and moved onto another craft after another. I didn’t have the patience. Also I didn’t have a specific goal either. I made a small improvement and thought I wasn’t bringing fast result, and gave up. Little did I know, I could’ve been great at all those crafts if I just continued on.

Well, I learned that in my twentys when I finally had specific written goals, and started accomplishing goals. Now I know what to expect in my journeys and what I have to go through to get to my end goal. And each journeys, I gain more insights and wisdoms. But one thing for sure, it is very detrimental to be outcome independent….especially in the beginning. Focus on your goal and just keep working on your work…then you will get there. And along the way you will gain more insights and will push yourself further as you go along….but the backbone of your success depends on WORK. Outcomes will just come naturally. So Execute Execute Execute!

If you ever get frustrated or distracted with not seeing any result, remember to focus on your work…you will be back on the track. More likely it’s not that you are not doing something right, it’s more likely you are being impatient and outcome dependent.