Motivation for Day 16 – Stay hungry!!!


Stay hungry to be successful…

Today’s Motivation for Day is from my favorite and one of the most influential motivational speakers nowadays….Eric Thomas. Here’s the clip.




Alligators are at their most vulnerable point when they are fed and satisfied. Most people want more in their lives. They are not living their dreams. However, most people are content. At least their mind is content. They complain about their life situations, but they’re not hungry. They are well fed. They’d rather chill on their couch than to desperately go out looking for more and hustle. There’s nothing wrong with being content and being comfortable with your life. But if you are complaining about how your life situation is not what you want and you want more in your life, it’s not going to happen if you’re sitting on your couch and waiting things to come to you. If you tend to run away from discomfort and hard work, you’d more likely sitting on that same couch you are sitting on.

As Eric Thomas described in the video, alligators are not hunters. They are lurkers. They wait for food to come. When the food comes, they are fed and they’re satisfied. If you are a lurker, your life situation won’t make much progress. You are just waiting for some opportunities to come at you and most likely they won’t. Opportunities are everywhere and you have to go and grab them.


nature-animal-fur-dangerous-largeIf you want to make a big leap, be a hunter. Be a bear. Have a mindset of being hungry at all times. That’s how you make progress the fastest and make a big leap.

Have you had an experience when you felt very desperate or had a sense of urgency that you were able to get so many things done within a short period of time. And when you look back you are even surprised how you even managed to do all of that so quick…and usually that does not happen??

I’ve had many instances of those moments. I will give you an example when I was in the Marines.

My first year in the Marines…

800px-USMC-04510I remember for the first time I discovered how I am capable of getting so many things done and make a huge progress within short period of time. That was during my 3 months of Marine Corps basic training. When everything must be done with precision and swiftness or else you’ll get you’re a#$ chewed, get Sh*tted on and your whole platoon may hate on you, you best be moving quickly with precision and prove to them you can hang and do well.

Right after the basic training when most of the new boots(fresh out of bootcamp) marines were getting complacent, I was hungrier than ever to prove to everyone and everyone at my new unit, how I am going to be the best Marine and the hardest worker of all. If I was not at the gym lifting weights, I was running hills. If I was not sleeping on my rack(bed), I was studying everything that I had to know about my job and the Marine Corps. While most of the marines who were fresh out of the bootcamp got comfortable getting drunk, eating pizzas, going to bars, and playing video games in their barracks room during their free time. I wasn’t. In my MOS school(job school), I was chosen to be the class leader and I completed my course with second highest grades. When I was assigned to my new unit, within the first couple of weeks, I was already praised as one of the hardest workers and most physically fit marines. I was non stop improving and I was suggested by some of the higher ups to be put on board for promotion within the first few months.


This mindset is something that can be habitually practiced and instilled. Of course, the experience is the best teacher. But just like any other crafts, you can teach yourself to have this mindset by practicing and reminding yourself of this every single day. And as you witness effectiveness of this mindset through your experiences, the mindset will become more ingrained.