Do not be too hard on yourself


If you are up for a hard challenge such as facing fear or dealing with anxiety, do not be too hard on yourself.

It is hard enough to take a step to facing your fear. So it is important to be patient and to be lenient when facing fear or else it may aggravate your fear and anxiety.

Do not be too hard on yourselfDeep fear…

If you are working towards getting over some major fear, be lenient. When I’m talking about fear, I’m talking about legit fear that gives you some major anxiety that may even freeze you from performing tasks. I’m not talking about general fear such as fear of failure or fear of success. I’m talking about immediate fear that have haunted you for a long period of time. It can be fear of heights, fear of public speaking, social phobia, stage frights, fear of certain animals or bugs, and etc.

Expect many ups and downs…so fasten your seatbelt TIGHT!

Do not be too hard on yourself 2When dealing with such fears, you may have to look at it in long term. Unlike other pursuits, you may not see a gradual progress. Facing fear can be very tricky. One day you may be able to face it very well and you feel like you have conquered the fear once for all, but then the next day for some reason you won’t even be able to get near the door step of facing the fear. It will make you feel like you are back to day 1 when you began the journey.

This can be very discouraging and stressful at times. This will make you want to give up and feel like all that hard work meant nothing at all. It’s hard enough to just face the fear each day but to be discouraged and to be made to feel like all that months of hard meant nothing at all makes you feel so hopeless at times.

As I have mentioned, you may not see a gradual progress. There will be so many push and pulls and ups and downs. So at times, it’ll be hard to stick with it. If you see a gradual progress, at least you know for sure you are getting somewhere and it’ll motivate you to continue on. But once again, you may not see a gradual progress when dealing with fear. But I’m a firm believer of that anything is possible as long as you do not give up…even with fear.

Stay on the track NO MATTER WHAT!!

Do not be too hard on yourself 3So the key to dealing with fear is to stay on track no matter what. As hard as it is to deal with deep rooted fear, as easy as it is to just give up. So the main focus should be not to give up no matter what. Don’t even worry so much about making progresses. Progresses may seem like they come and go. So if you are mainly relying on steady progress, you may be setting yourself up for a failure. So once again, just focus on not giving up despite of constant fluctuation of encouragement and discouragement.

Give plenty of rewards!! Do not be too hard on yourself!

Do not be too hard on yourself 4So what’s a good tactic to use to stay on track and not give up. Give yourself a plenty of rewards. You are already doing yourself a major favor in your life for taking this journey to face your deep fear. And in the end once you finally learned to manage your fear, this will be one of the biggest achievements in your life. Most people do not even bother to take this challenge, because it is very hard and very painful facing your deep rooted fear. So by doing this, you are distinguishing yourself from the most other average folks. So once again, you deserved to be titled a champ.

On those days you fall flat on your face and not be able to face your fear, do not be so harsh on yourself. You have to be lenient. There may be many days, you will completely freeze and won’t even be able to take a step. Do not worry about those days. Expect that those days will exist. However as long as you stay on track, those days will become less and less. It may even take a long time to see that type of progress, but it will happen as long as you do not give up. So don’t sweat those days. Pick yourself up and start fresh and give it a go again the next day. If it did not happen the next day again, then try again the next day. And always try to be creative and maybe use different tactics for another day. Once again, the key is to just stay on track and not give up. Be lenient and do not beat yourself up for those days that did not happen. Keep picking yourself back up again and start fresh again and again.