30 Day Meditation Challenge for beginners


If you are a total newbie at meditation and do not know how to get kick start, hop on with me and go on this 30 Day Meditation Challenge for beginners.

The rule is to meditate at least for 30 days straight as little as taking 5 minutes off of your time to meditate.

Let me share my little story of my past “failed” attempt and how I decided to go on this journey.

Adding another ritual…

30 day meditation challenge for beginnersIf you are familiar with meditation, you know there are many discussions about the benefits of meditation such as clarity of the mind, increased focus, reduction of stress, depression, and anxiety, and etc. However, I’m not here to discuss what people say about how beneficial meditation is but to share a little story about my experience with meditation in the past and how I made a FIRM decision to add meditation into my daily ritual.

As I have discussed in previous articles, I had been enjoying this positive mind training that I had been doing daily. Positive mind training includes daily expression of gratitude, daily compliments for all that I did well, and positive visualization. And throughout the day, I’d put conscious effort to see the positivity in every situation that I encounter and everything that I do. Also I’d try to stay as alert as possible when negative thoughts arise and recognize it and put conscious effort into replacing it with positive perspectives.

Since I’ve been really enjoying this new mindset and this new practice that I’ve been doing so far, meditation practice was another thing that had been catching my attention a lot recently. I had been running into a lot of articles of people talking about how beneficial meditation is, so it’s been on the back of my mind for quite a while now. And I’ve been thinking that maybe if I add a short session of meditation into my everyday life, maybe it’ll elevate my positivity even more.

My “failed” attempts in the past…

30 day meditation challenge for beginners 2I’ve actually attempted to practice meditation several times before in the past but got discouraged and discontinued my practice.

And here’s why…

As I have mentioned in “Accept resistance when changing a habit” article, it is normal for you to encounter resistance several times when you change your routine or your habit. So just like how I got discouraged with positive mind training in the past, the same thing happened to me when I tried to practice meditation every day.

 I’d feel very peaceful and calm for a couple of days and out of nowhere a big rush of negativity will flow in and knock down the serenity that I had built up through meditation. And I got very discouraged and even scared, because the force was so strong when it came.

But as I have mentioned, it is normal to meet with this type of resistance especially in the beginning. Since now I have a clearer understanding and know what to expect, I am more than ready to welcome meditation into my daily practice again.

How to do 30 Day Meditation Challenge for beginners..

30 day meditation challenge for beginners 3Here’s how to do a simple brief 30 day meditation challenge for beginners…

I’ll set a timer on my phone for 5 minutes. I’ll sit on a bed or a chair in upright position. I’d either close my eyes or open them depends on how I feel. If I have my eyes opened I’ll just focus on a point on a wall throughout the whole time and now let my eyes wonder. At first, I’ll start off with a couple of deep breaths. Then I’ll just let my breathing flow in and out naturally.

During the meditation, when thoughts come, I won’t try to resist them nor try to focus on them so much. I’ll let them come and go. The easiest way to let those thoughts flow in and out is by either focusing on my breathing or just focusing on a body part. For an instance, I’ll just try to “feel” my hands and recognize the existence of them through my mind. I’ll focus on how alive they are and how I am aware of them. Usually, this helps me let thoughts come and go.

It’s important not to resists thoughts whether they are negative or not, but let them come and go. Do not punish yourself for having a lot of thoughts and get caught up with any particular thoughts though. This will block the natural flow of your mind.

Usually, after my meditation sessions, I’d feel warmth similar to a feeling of afterglow. And at times, I’d just have this nice smile from the euphoric feelings.

I’d update when I am finished with this 30 day meditation challenge for beginners and share my experience. If you’re interested feel free to hop on! It only takes about 5 minutes from your day. That’s not too much, is it?