What is the pain body?


What is the pain body?

If you had been following Eckhart Tolle’s teaching, he mentions the term “pain-body” very often, but what is the pain body that he speak of?

(If you are not familiar with who Eckhart Tolle is or his best-selling book “The Power of Now,” check out this article first)

According to his definition, the pain-body is accumulation of old emotional pain that almost everyone carries in their energy field.

Here’s a brief clip of Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle discussing about “pain body” and Eckhart clarifies what pain-body is.

For me, I’d like to simply define it as any type of negativity that brings out physical and emotional response to your body. For an example, if any type of negative thoughts which leads to negative emotions or feelings in your body, I’d like to call it pain body.

How it feels…

What is the Pain body 1Whenever you start feeling bad because of stress, depression, anxiety or so on, and you pay close attention to your inner body, you can actually FEEL it inside you. (*You become more aware of it and be able to detect it easier through practicing “being in the now” or being alert with your mind pattern and how you feel.)

Not too long ago, I was feeling a very dense “pain-body.” I was feeling very depressed and angry because of a certain event. Actually it was a small event that triggered a little bit of upset feeling and accumulated more and more and eventually lead up to a full blown out depression and anger.

Then when I realized that I have to first pay attention to this “pain body” as I was listening to one of Eckhart Tolle’s talks, I started paying attention to my inner body and I could actually feel it. It was as if there was a dense ball of energy inside my chest that trapped all the good energy that’s supposed to flow freely.

What is the Pain body 2When I recognized it, I stopped freaking out like a chicken with its head cut off running around trying to find ways to make myself feel better. And what I did was that I simply just paid attention to the pain body and then slowly, I started feeling a little more grounded and not so helplessly lost. Although I wasn’t feeling perfect right away, but I was reacting in more of a calm manner because now I knew the source of my pain and what was making me react in crazy ways.

Later on, when I finally felt better, I also recognized that the negative ball of energy inside my chest was gone, and I had all the good energy dispersed all throughout my body.

What to do about the pain-body?

Here’s a clip of one of Eckhart Tolle’s talks that focuses on pain-body. He talks about how to recognize it and how to deal with the pain-body and how you can get better at it. He starts talking about “pain-body” around 7:10 in the clip.

What is the Pain body 3So basically the most important thing to do first is to be alert and recognize the “pain body” when it starts to arise within you. And once you recognize it, simply pay attention to it and know that it’s pain body. By doing so, it loses a bit of power and you won’t be identified with it and starts reacting in negative ways. Just by paying attention to it, staying alert and recognizing that it’s a pain body, it will prevent you from feeling very lost and mindlessly acting out because you are not feeling well.

And as he have mentioned in the clip, you may not be very good at it first, but as you practice it every time a pain body appears within you, you become better at it. And your pain body will become smaller and less powerful as you become better at it.

(If you are not familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s teaching, check out his most well-known and best-selling book “The Power of Now.” )