The importance of making decisions.



Often, Tony Robbins emphasizes on the importance of making decisions to change and live a better life. It is understandable why Tony Robbins talks about it so much because by making decisions, his life has changed.

As I have mentioned in the article “What is your aspiration in life,” the very first thing that you should do to change your life is to find and define what your aspiration in life is.

The next step should be “MAKING DECISIONS.”

Making Decisions…

the-importance-of-making-decisionsWhether we are conscious of it or not, we are where we are because of decisions that we have made in our lives. You may have made some bad decisions that landed you where you are. You may even have made no decision (which is also a decision itself), that landed you where you are. You may have made some positive decisions that landed you where you are.

Once again, whatever it may be and whether you are conscious of them or not, your life right now is the result of your decisions you have made in your life.

But now by being aware of this and putting conscious effort into making decisions, you are able to take your life towards the direction that you want to go.

Do not overlook this “making decisions” part. But sit down and really think about it.

In the past, I never looked deeply into this “making decisions” part. I arrogantly regarded it as a common sense and made a swift decision and got busy with taking actions.

Of course, getting on with the journey is very important as well but you cannot underestimate the power of “making decisions” either, because during the “making decisions” phase you can find the ultimate inspiration for your journey. Also when you have been plateaued during your journey, small new decisions are what moves you past your sticking point as well.

Give it a moment to reevaluate your life right now and see if there are anything that you want to improve. If it’s something that you had been putting off for awhile, but you’ve been really wanting to get on with it, make a decision today. By making a decision and keeping up with that decision every single day, you will see some amazing results.

Tony Robbins’ 3 ways of making decisions.

Earlier on “Who is Tony Robbins” article, I have already shown his Thanksgivings story of how that one Thanksgiving Day have shaped the destiny of his life. If you haven’t seen it already, don’t worry. The clip that I’m about to share will go into details of what happened on that most dreadful day which also have become the best day of his life. So here’s the clip.

the-importance-of-making-decisions-2Decision 1: What are you going to focus on?

As he mentions in the clip, his father made a decision to focus on the fact that he did not feed his family. Instead of focusing on being grateful that there’s food like Tony Robbins, his father was focusing on the negative perspective.

Now this also brings back to my article(“Train your mind to see the good in every situation”) that I wrote which discusses on how to train your mind to become positive and how much of a difference it can make.

Decision 2: What is it mean?

To his father, it meant that he’s worthless for not taking care of his family. However, to Tony, it meant that strangers do care.

By deciding to focus on the brighter side and putting conscious effort to make positive meaning out of any situation will make your world a whole lot different.

the-importance-of-making-decisions-3Decision 3: What am I going to do?

Tony’s dad decide to leave his family. It was his first and two decisions that lead to his final decision. This was the worst day of Tony Robbins because he still loved him very much and it crushed him to see his father leave. However, Tony Robbins decided to focus on positive side of it and was so moved by the stranger that he decide to care for strangers as well.

Because of the decision he made on that day to look at the positive side of the situation, it lead to who Tony Robbins is today.

As he says on the video clip, “The worst day of your life can be the best day of your life…..You want to change your life, then figure out how your worst day was your best day.”

This is so damn true.

And for those who wishes to become more positive but had difficulties to see it that way, if you consciously put effort to see the positive angle EVERY SINGLE DAY, you will get better at it.

If you want more information on how to train your mind and what method that I have utilized to change the way I see things, refer to “Train your mind to see the good in every situation.

I had been one of the most negative people in the world in my opinion and I thought it was hopeless to see things in positive ways and I was just stuck in this cycle. But now I am “a little more decent” on seeing the light in dark tunnels and I think you can too…..if you really want to. Make the decision NOW.