The Second Step to facing fear – Face Your Fear Series 5


stairs-man-walking-old-largeTake Small Steps

So you have made your decision to finally face your fear and for once get this out of your life! So you are determined but what’s the next step should be? How do I begin this? I feel anxious…more fear creeping in….Well the second step to facing fear is to decide what action you will take to eliminate the fear and take small steps. Do not pressure yourself too much if you think it will be too overwhelming and try to take big steps. Be patient.


file0001606127080So if your fear is talking to a stranger in public. Start small. You can always go to shops to ask clerks simple questions as asking for direction or for time or any type of simple questions. Do this everyday or as much you can depend on your schedule until you are comfortable with it. Consistency is the key. Do not try to jump ahead too fast. Be patient. It takes awhile for your muscle to build up and get accustom to new things. Once you’re done, be done with it and move on. It shouldn’t take too much of a time through out the day. Take small steps and be done with it and wait for the next day.

And don’t forget to praise yourself and give yourself a reward at the end of the week or something. You decide how you’re going to reward yourself.

If you feel comfortable with what you’ve been doing and want to take a bigger step, by all means do so, but when you do and if it feels too overwhelming then you can always step back a notch and wait. But while you wait, you have to keep doing what you’ve been doing so your brainmuscle will not diminish.

Create a log book

notebook-pencil-notes-sketch-largeIt’s a good idea to log what you did everyday to monitor your progress. There may be days you will feel like you are not getting any closer to your goal and you have plateaued. But if you have logged in your progress, it will remind you how far you have come and how much progress that you have made. So log book is very important to monitor your progress. It will give you a boost of confidence and encouragement to keep going.

Remember to be patient. You can always take big steps if you can, but if you can’t it’s alright. Just be patient and every small steps do matter and they will take you to your end goal.


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