Work on your Faith – while waiting for your breakthrough


file9881272702167It’s been a while…I don’t see any result..

So you’ve been working for a while….for your goals, for better life, for your problems to be solved, or whatever it is, but you don’t see any result. When is the breakthrough going to come? You may ask. You may feel discouraged. You may start having doubts. You may even consider giving up. But DON’T….period. And WORK ON YOUR FAITH.

I can’t tell you when the breakthrough is coming. Sometimes it comes earlier and sometimes it may take a longer period. But if you give up, it will never come. But if you keep on it will definitely come even if it may take a while.

How to work on your faith…

Today ain’t the day, but my day coming and I will not give up and I will not give in until that day come!

Eric Thomas says on one of this “Thank God It’s Monday” series. This is a good reminder. This is a good way to start your morning. Say this in your head or say it out loud but say it with conviction. You can word it in your way. But just saying this with conviction in my mind gives me a boost of motivation and I will keep repeating or add more things to it until I feel PUMPED UP. Then I start believing it. I start feeling better and have more upbeat postive perspective about my situation.

1418485776ln4c6I tell myself one day I’m going to wake up and I’m not gonna have this problem anymore. One day I’m going to wake up, I will be way above where I am at right now. One day I’m going to wake up I will not be crawling in depression any more. One day I’m going to wake up, I will not have any more financial difficulties.

Remind yourself over and over again and repeat it with conviction and visualize those days. And keep working. Don’t give in. You can rest. But don’t ever stop trying. People who made it and who didn’t. There’s only one difference. People who didn’t make it gave up. People who did make it did not. So keep strengthening that faith and your vision and keep pushing.


I’ve been going through some financial difficulties because of the money that was owed to me was not given to me. I had been working on getting back my money about 6 months now. I’ve been calling everywhere and going every places to get to the bottom of it. There were many times I felt discouraged and stressed, but re strengthening my faith had come a long way up until now. I kept working at it consistently and today I finally received half of the money that was due to me. Now I’m going for the other half until then I will keep working on it and until that day come I will not give in and I will not give up. Don’t lose faith. Plow through.