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14301433707v4emWho is Les Brown??

Les Brown is a motivational speaker and the author of It’s Not Over Until You Win. But besides that who is he REALLY?? Les Brown was born in an abandoned building and eventually adopted by a lady who worked as domestic assitant. He was labled “educably mentally retarded” at a young age and struggled through many obstacles in his life including stage-fright, low-self esteem, loss of a house, business failure, health issue and etc. However, he overcame these setbacks and became financially successful and one of the most motivating speakers of all time.


Motivational Drug…

Have you ever felt you were so motivated, your whole world and way you view things changed? As if you became a new you and you feel like the world is yours and you can do anything? The way you feel inside is different. Who you are seem like a new person?

I have. The first experience was through my experience in the military. I felt like I can conquer anything in the world. The adrenaline rush, the confidence, the “high”, and etc. It is very addictive, but in a postive way! However, after I was discharged from the military, without the structure, and like minded people, I had to find my own source of motivation fuel. When all those higher ups who gave me a huge kick of motivation to my heart through their speeches were missing, Les Brown’s speech replaced it.

I listened to him everyday…I won my first competition..

file000272400778I was instantly hooked when I discovered Les Brown. I discovered him as I was preparing for my first bodybuilding competition. Everyday I was listening to his speech day in and day out. While I’m lifting weights, while I’m on my bike burning calories, while I’m preparing my meals, and guess what, it recharged my tired body and tired spirit, and I WON FIRST PLACE in the competition!

And still to these days, I listen to him. Whenever I feel low, whenever I feel like I have doubts about life, he puts me in a different world. Even when things are so hard and I have no spirit to put in effort, but go through motion….if I listen to him carefully, I FEEL LIKE SUPERMAN and I can SEIZE ANOTHER DAY!

His Words

When you feel like you have low self-esteem, and people look down on you…he says “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality!”

When you have questions about life and not knowing why it’s not going the way you want “You don’t get in life what you want, you get in life what you are!”

When you feel like things are too hard and contemplating on giving up and need a boost to STAND TALL AGAIN! He says, “It’s not over until you WIN!!”

And Many More….

file000717497528Les Brown changed my life and when I feel like the old feeling I had…the feeling of super confidence I had is missing, he gets me back to my old days again. Every words of him resonates with my heart and makes perfect sense to me. I hope it will lift you up and do the same for you and help you see the “new world.”

Carpe Diem.



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