The Human Soul on Fire


The human soul on fireThe human soul on fire

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” Says Ferdinand Foch.

He is a French General and a commander in the French army during World War 1, and he is known for an influential leader who is most responsible for winning the war.

And I totally agree with him on this quote and I’m sure that many people may nod in agreement also. But I want you to deeply think about this instead of just regarding it as just another great quote, put it behind and move on with your life.

Passion/ Love

The human soul on fire is a passion.

The human soul on fire 2In my own definition, passion is equivalent to love. A true love. Something that makes you keep going despite of any hardships, obstacles, setbacks, and so on.

So why am I talking about this? What is so important about passion or love?

Because I truly believe that “passion” or “love” is the most fundamental and powerful element that contributes to success.

What successful people possess….

Love over powers anything that comes in your way.

The human soul on fire 3Most people want to study strategies, behaviors, mindsets, and etc. of already successful people. And I’m not saying that these are not important and have only a tiny influence on success. But if you don’t possess the love and the passion that these successful people have towards what they do, you may never get to the level they are at. And you may never understand how they feel and what their pursuits mean to them.

The reason why these successful people keep going despite of hardships, frustrations, and setbacks and still make it to the finish line is not that these people necessarily have certain talents, more disciplines, more intelligence, better strategies, or etc., but what they have in common is that these people just LOVE what they are doing.

As I have said LOVE over powers anything.

What success is about…Expressing LOVE

Here’s one of my favorite quote from Tony Robbin’s “Giant Steps.”

“Success comes from….eloquently expressing the depth of your love.”

The human soul on fire 4Tony Robbins magnificently and accurately described what the journey to success is about.

After getting into the depth of what passion and love is to achieving goals/becoming successful. I started understanding what fundamentally drove me to accomplishing my goals in the past as well.

It wasn’t just the discipline that helped me keep pushing myself when I faced many challenges during my journey. But it was something that was deep within me. It was that burning passion and the love that I had towards the grind(expression of love) and satisfactions that I felt when I made breakthroughs….these are what made me keep coming back over and over again. It seemed insane at times. It seemed too obsessed at times. It seemed even unhealthy and destructive at times. But you can’t beat love.

To me this was more beautiful than getting to the finish line.

Your passion…

So think about your passion or your love. Do you have a deep passion or love for what you are doing? Are you aware of it? How are you expressing your love?