How to turn a bad mood into a good mood – with abundance…


The Law of Attraction states…

pexels-photo-14676-largeEsther Hicks often mentions the importance of elevating the mood to be in better vibration with the Universe. To explain this more simply, as you elevate your mood positively, you will get closer to manifesting what you want in life. According to the Law of Attraction, when you are “happy” you are the true self of who you are and more aligned with your core essence. And if you are happier, the universe will respond better to your request, and bring you the things you want in real life a lot quicker and easier. So how do you elevate your mood to feel more optimistic? I will show you how to turn a bad mood into a good mood with abundance.


file2751298196939One way is to feel gratitude towards what you already have which I have talked about in a previous article. And another way is to VISUALIZE ABUNDANCE. But it’s not simply visualizing about “what you want.” You are not imagining or telling yourself “I wish it will be nice if I have this, or if I accomplished this, if I will be there, or etc.” It is telling yourself “I HAVE” instead of “I WISH.” Starting your sentence with “I HAVE” can be so much more powerful than “I WISH.” I actually got this concept from one of the Conor McGregor’s video discussing about his belief in the Law of Attraction.

By telling yourself and imagining as if you already HAVE EVERYTHING and feel it as you already HAVE EVERYTHING, you will be amazed how quickly your mood, feeling, and thought process can change very quickly. All that requires is your conscious effort.

My Experience

1376531009pun0vEver since I discovered this, I’ve been experimenting with this method. A couple of days ago, I had some big tasks that needed to be done. I was not 100 percent certain if I were able to accomplish these tasks because in the past I had to deal with same tasks and often I fell a little short at the end of the day. Often, before tasks like these are in front of me, I’d always have the mentality of “I will fight through this and ‘try’ to make this happen and I will try my best whether if it will happen or not.” But this time I wanted to give it a try with my newfound method. I started to visualize myself of a person who can accomplish these task with ease. I also imagined myself already having accomplished the task. I can visualize myself looking sharp, with a triumphant smile, and walking with a confident strut. This time I didn’t see myself “fighting or wishing,” but I saw myself “chillin’, relaxing, and having” So how did it pan out? How did I perform? Was it as easy as you imagined to be? No it wasn’t as smooth and perfect as I have imagined to be, but for the first time I out-performed my previous performances, did more than what is required, and so much quicker without hesitancy. I was pretty mind-blown. I always felt short before in the past, but this time was difference. Even when I entered the “battle” I was in a different mindset. And the rest of it, I just left it to the Universe to let it manifest and I decided not to fight through it but let it happen. And it did….

Try it out…

By sitting down for a few minutes, and telling yourself that “I HAVE” and imagining yourself as “I AM” already THERE, you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll start feeling different and more optimistic and confident. Your poopy day can change instantly just like that. And what seemed to the worst day can turn into one of the best days.

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