Giant Steps by Tony Robbins


Why it’s recommended for the first timers?

Giant Steps by Tony RobbinsI recommend Giant Steps by Tony Robbins to anyone who’s interested in Tony Robbins work but have not been exposed to his work. Also for people who do not have enough time to read through a book but want to get involved with Tony Robbins teachings and learn to apply them, Giant Steps by Tony Robbins is excellent for those busy people.

(If you are not familiar with who Tony Robbins is, click on this article.)

I believe it’s a perfect book to ease into his work, because some of terminologies and techniques that he discuss throughout his other books and seminars may not be easily understood the first time you are exposed to his work and it may get you overwhelmed. He also discusses a lot of technical terms in a fast pace, so you may have a hard time catching up and get confused with information overload. (He uses a lot of terminology derived from Neuro-Linguistic Programming.)

What the book is about…

Giant Steps by Tony Robbins 2The book helps you to get slowly exposed to different strategies and techniques discussed in one of his bestselling books, “Awaken the Giant Within.”

Also it’s not just a book that you sit down and read through, but it’s a daily interactive book that suggests you to go through one page a day. There are 365 pages of daily inspiration and exercises throughout the book.

A page only contains a paragraph or two and it may seem very simple if you are just going to read through it like any other books. However, each pages can be very powerful and can produce some big changes internally and externally if you allow yourself to take some time to go into depth of what he is talking about and take actions that are suggested in those pages.


Giant Steps by Tony Robbins 4So I highly suggest don’t flip through pages fast. It’s better if you sit down, read one page per day, contemplate what’s written in the page, and TAKE ACTIONS. If you want to, you may even want to repeat a page for more than one day.

Personally, I’d like to read a page a several times and really think about what he is talking about and apply what is suggested on the page more than once.

As I have said, the book can be very powerful if you are willing to go in depth and take actions.

My story….

Giant Steps by Tony Robbins 3As I have briefly mentioned in the article “Who is Tony Robbins?” Giant Steps by Tony Robbins was the first book that I have purchased that was by him. Some of the techniques, strategies, and terminologies that he discusses rapidly in his seminars were somewhat overwhelming to me at times because of the fast paced speed and sometimes for not being familiar with his lingo.

But the Giant Steps by Tony Robbins was easy for me to digest and allowed me to go at a much slower pace. I’d like to let things marinate fully before moving on. Also even if some of his teachings in the book may seem like common sense to some people, because the book is designed to take one day at a time, it allowed me to fully think about these “common sense” before moving on to the next. By doing so, I was also able to discover the power behind these “common sense” which I have overlooked many times in the past and disregard them as insignificant.

Giant Steps by Tony Robbins 5You may be surprised that a lot of people may already “know” what to do to improve their lives and become successful, but what separates them between these people and successful people is that successful people do not just regard these common knowledge as just a simple knowledge. But they go into the depth of it and understand thoroughly and apply it continuously in their lives. And the book “Giant Steps” by Tony Robbins is definitely the book that can assist you to get to the higher level.

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  1. Patrick says:

    The book itself sounds like a daily affirmation book, the kind where you can read many a day but its better-digested one at a time. Tony Robbins is a big name out there and this book Giant Steps is on my wishlist and has been for quite some time now. I may eventually try to acquire this book as well, as I do have a few of these 365 day strategy type-ish books in my collection, Thank you for the post!

    • Joon Park says:

      Yes. However, this is more of a daily activity book than an affirmation book. First time I went through it, I just went through it daily and went through it fast. This time I’ll go back to a certain page numerous times especially if it’s been “powerful.” By doing so, it’s been helping me make some definite changes in my life.

  2. Linda C. says:

    Many, many years ago I used a cassette tape series by Tony Robbins. Have I sufficiently aged myself?

    Many of his recommendations from that program I have used over the years. I never forgot the one about tears, that you cannot cry if you are looking up. I have used that time and time again. Bit of wisdom in his mindset.

    Your recommendations here are certainly on spot. Thanks for the reminders.


    • Joon Park says:

      His materials are very timeless and I believe Giant Steps was also published a long time ago and is very effective.

      I’ve never heard of the one about you can’t cry if you are looking up. I assume it’s a metaphor but does it also mean that if you are looking up that tears cannot roll down?

      I know he also have ways of using his language since he has been influenced by Neuro-linguistic Programming. I only know a bit about NLP but it’s been spiking up my interest more since Tony Robbins is also regard it as very powerful.

      What were some of your favorite Tony Robbins materials?

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