How to get more opportunities – Get lucky!


13838529803evnaHow did they get so lucky??

Here’s how to get more opportunities…..GRIND DAILY!!

People who seemed very lucky didn’t find their lucks because they are destined to be luckier than others. Do not dismiss yourself for being unlucky and others being luckier than you. The reason why they seem very lucky and have more opportunities coming their ways is because they simply put out more. They are always working towards their goals. They are not wasting mindless hours, days, weeks, months, and years complaining about their unlucky destinies and making excuses and blaming everyone but themselves. Opportunities will come at unexpected moments. But they will come. So you don’t have to even seek out for them but opportunities will come to you when you are out there grinding day to day.

At times, I feel I am one of the luckiest guys in the world. I had many unexpected “lucks” that came in my life. But over the years, I realized I had more of those lucks or great opportunities come to my life when I’m grinding towards my goals continuously. Some of those lucks seemed very unimaginable a long time ago when I wasn’t as driven like I am today. But when you work day to day towards your goals, opportunities come in surprises and when they come it will change your world drastically. That’s how you get lucky. And sometimes they come rushing in all at once out of nowhere.

I just kept on working at it…grinding daily!

pexels-photo-54257-largeI never thought I’d have the opportunity to stand on a stage as a bodybuilder and let alone win the first place in my competition. But I did. How? I just kept on working at it every day. Even if it seemed very far away at times and I had to go through a lot of mental challenges and doubts, I kept at it.

I never thought I’d meet some of the amazing women I met in my life. But I kept taking my chances. And I met some women that I used to just dream of.

I never thought I’ll discover ways to generate income without having a traditional job. But I kept working at it and kept seeking ways to live the life that I want. Now I can spend more time with my loving son and focus more on my personal goals.

I never thought I can find ways to escape my severe depression I had 10 years ago. But I desperately kept trying different things. I had nothing to lose. And I finally figured it out.

And I’m still going and some of my goals seem far away at times, but I know as long as I keep taking one step after another, I know for sure some opportunities will come knocking on my door and I’ll be standing in another new world in an instant.

So keep putting yourself out there. I’m 100 percent sure that your lucks will find you.


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  1. Neil says:

    I do agree that grinding daily is the way to attract opportunities and open new doors 🙂

    I am not a believer in luck because we all have the potential to create our own, but many people fail to see it that way!

    When we work hard, and focus on what we want. We can achieve it!

    Thank You for sharing some of your own examples, and they are certainly very inspiring. I think you have just given people the hope they need and also the permission to work hard to create their own luck in life.


  2. Alyssa says:

    Hi Joon,
    This is a beautiful article about “luck” vs creating your own opportunities. If there is something you want, you have to work at it every day. Meditate on it. Daydream about it. And then work some more! Visualization and consistent work have produced amazing results in my life…but sometimes its easy to forget that when the going gets tough, or when I focus on other people’s success instead of reaching my own goals. This aricle was exactly the reminder I needed! It sounds like you have discovered what it takes to create the life you want. I wish you the very best.

    • Joon Park says:

      Oh yes! I’m a firm believer of consistent work and focus(visualisation) to be the main ingredient to reaching goals. And I do go through the same thing. There’s always going to be ups and downs in every journey. During those time, I just keep moving despite of how I feel or what the mind is telling me. Because as long as I do that, I’m still on the right track and it’ll get me closer to my goals.

  3. Paul C says:

    This is a great uplifting post! I really enjoyed your website and all it had to offer. Depression is no joke and dealing with it can become problematic. Your blog tackles that head on!

    This post strikes a chord because after dealing with depression myself, I understand how it feels to see everyone elses luck. The truth really is that you need to keep grinding and stick with it! Good things come to those who wait. Good luck moving forward!

  4. Jerry says:

    Hi Joon, what an amazing article! I can’t agree more with you. Consistency is indeed the secret to good luck and success. The everyday hard work is for us to build a strong foundation, preparing for the opportunity to come and finally able to grab it. Without any consistent effort, any luck or opportunity that comes will not be yours in the long term. I enjoy reading your story and wish you all the best for more luck to come to you – it sure will!

  5. Jim says:

    Excellent advice. No doubt about it, the more you “put yourself out there”, the more opportunities will come your way. There’s no point in cursing your luck, just persevere, put some work in while you’re waiting and good things will happen.

    It’s a great attitude to have, and one which many people could definitely benefit from. Thanks for the advice.

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