How to not give up on your goals


How to not give up on your goalsThe best way on how to not give up on your goals is to simply “not give up on your goals.” DUH!

Even the most disciplined individuals who have achieved many things may have thoughts of giving up on their goals several times in their lives.

I myself think I am a pretty persistent individual and have achieved some major long term goals that required long hours and a lot of effort. However, there were many times that I felt like ditching my pursuits and just say f&%k it.

But what helped me out when I was on the verge of giving up was not too look at the entire path way that I have to travel to get to the finish line, but just do whatever it takes to “stay in the game.

Let me repeat that again. When you are on the edge, do not worry about the finish line, or even getting to the next step or making progress. But work on staying on the path no matter what.

As long as you stay in the game, you will naturally get to the finish line.

So what should I do to stay in the game?

To stay in the game, you have to be creative.

Here are some tactics I use to stay in the game.

How to not give up on your goals

  1. Focus on having fun.

How to not give up on your goals 2Don’t make it into a job. Don’t focus so much on making a progress. But learn how to have fun. Having fun is a mentality. Even the most boring task that you really may hate at first can become fun as long as you are being creative with your mind.

It is normal that some days you may have more fun than some other days. But even during those off days, as long as you find ways to make it fun and trick your mind into enjoying it, then you will naturally get back into the flow of actually having fun.

Try new things. Put some humor into what you’re doing. Dance around while you’re doing it. Laugh at yourself for making it so serious.

Again, do not make it into a job and pressure yourself too much to make a progress. If you can enjoy the process, your journey won’t be so rough. Progress will come naturally as long as you’re having fun and enjoy the journey every day.

  1. Give yourself a plenty of compliments

how to not give up on your goals 3You may be under appreciating yourself if you’re thinking about giving up after all the effort that you have put in so far.

You have to learn the habit of giving yourself plenty of compliments after putting in work. Also do not overlook small victories either. The reason why you may be so down on yourself and frustrated with not seeing progress is because you are not valuing small victories or small progress that you have made so far.

Sometimes it takes time to make a huge breakthrough. But the breakthrough will eventually come as long as you are keep stepping forward a little by little.

And by giving yourself plenty of compliments will keep you motivated and energized through the long journey. Always get in the habit of saying “good job” to yourself for all the small efforts that you have put in through the journey.

Again, most people tend to give up because they put too much pressure on themselves and not appreciate themselves for small victories.

Do not undervalue small steps and small victories. Do not forget that you’re doing a heck of a job just for staying in the game.

  1. Take away some amount of work. Take some pressure off.

how to not give up on your goals 4You need to know when to relax a little and take a break. You can keep working on your goals but there will be time when your body and mind need to rest. Failure to do so will lead you to get burnt out and stop enjoying your journey.

So if you notice these cues, then it’s time for you to take some load off. This will allow you to recuperate and reevaluate the road that you have travelled so far. It will allow your mind to see some of the things that you may have missed or some new ideas that can be very beneficial to your journey.

You may access more creative side of your brain, when you are not so exhausted and tired.

So be aware of the cues when you need to take a break, and please do so.

Final words

how to not give up on your goals 5Do not get discouraged if you are not able to effectively use tactics mentioned above right away. Just like anything, you need to practice consistently in order to get good at things. More you do it more you get better at it. More you practice having fun, giving yourself compliments and learn how to take a break, better you will become at it. Then, you will learn to enjoy your journey more and less likely you will have the urge to give up.

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