Importance of having a role model – Fedor Emelianenko


I want to share with you the importance of having a role model, introduce one of my role models and how having a role model has helped me in my life.

Role Model….

file000997904381A role model is someone that you are inspired by, look up to and can emulate as an example. Do you have a role model? A role model can change as you go. But it’s better to find one or a few role models that will stay with you timelessly and will effectively lead you to a better life.

There are so many great and admirable people in this world. And I get amazed and excited about their awesome qualities. I like to examine, learn, and adopt some of their qualities. However, out of all those people, I’d only pick a few individuals that I can call as my role models.

I want my role models to be someone who can always bring me back to my centeredness no matter how much I get swayed by all these flashy distractions. I want my role models to be someone who resonate within deep inside my core. I want my role models to be who I really look up to and who I can rely on regardless of what situations that I am in and what phase that I am going through. I want my role model to be someone who I relate to and be in harmony with my innate qualities.


Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko…

One role model that I look up to that always brings me back to my center is Fedor Emelianenko. If you are not familiar with who he is, Fedor Emelianenko is an MMA fighter who is regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

Although Fedor Emelianenko is one of the most well rounded and gifted fighters in the world, but that is not the reason why I look up to Fedor Emelianenko. Yes, it’s exciting to see him perform in the ring and dominate his opponents. But what I am amazed by him is what within him. His work ethic, humility, quietness, calmness, and simplicity. These qualities are something that I can relate to and something that I really love to work on and aspired to become more like him.

His qualities…

He has a great work ethic. Although he is now known as one of the greatest fighters in the world, his coach who’s been with him since the day one said that he was not necessarily a talented fighter. He was weaker than most of other students and was not very talented at martial arts. However, one thing that stood out was his work ethic. He was always the one who arrived earliest at the gym and worked harder than anyone. He was a work machine. And eventually he surpassed all other talented students.


Zen like….

He is a very humble person. Even though he was regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the world, he never cared for his fame, media, wealth, and luxurious living. He treats everyone equally and respects everyone with same regards. He treats people with kindness and do not harbor grudges even to those who treated him wrong. He just loves the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and he competes just to make his ends meet and that’s all. He does not get hyped with all the spotlights and he still enjoys his simple life. Who he was before he became well known and who he is now are pretty much the same.

He is very calm, mild mannered, and quiet. Despite of his explosiveness and aggressive physical performances during his competitions, he is very calm and mild mannered. Even in the ring or in the cage, his expression and the way he handles his fights look very controlled and centered. He seems like a Zen master inside and outside the ring. You can never see him in panic or lose his control. Even when he wins or loses, he looks the same throughout.

So why him…?

pexels-photo-66100-largeI chose him as my role model because these are qualities that I can definitely relate to and that I believe that I possess some of them as well and that I have the potential to improve them and grow to be more like him. Also as I have mentioned, whenever I feel like I am digressing from my centeredness and became lost and confused in my journey, I’d go back to him for guidance and I feel like I can regain my direction and centeredness again. And as time passes by, unintentionally I can see myself become more alike him and make progresses on my inner qualities as well.

So I think it’s very important to have a role model that you can relate to and that will help you improve your good qualities and guide you along the way when you feel lost and confused.

So do you have any role models that has helped you and is helping on your journey? If you do who are they? How have they helped you? Feel free to share your stories.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Role models are great for some. For me, I don’t want to just be like someone else. I want to be original in a world that’s desperately looking for new ideas and innovations to improve the way we live. What we don’t need is more cookie cutter people working in dead end job after dead end job. Rather than seek role models, set the new standard in your career.

    • Joon Park says:

      Having a role model does not mean you should copy exactly like the person that you look up to. You will always be your own person whether you like it or not. However, having a great guidance that can influence in positive ways can be very beneficial and even speed up your progress on whatever that you are pursuing.

      Having a cookie cutter people following everyone else has nothing to do with having a role model. And you can always set the new standard in your career while having a role model.

  2. Dave Sweney says:

    I do not know Fedor Emelianenko, but your article did provide a good sense of who this man is, and it also makes me understand how you could select such a person as a role model.

    The attributes you are looking for in a mentor could apply to any number of people I know and work around or with, they are all positive and grounded (humble).

    Having a role model is helpful in my mind because it helps you shape your actions and effort in a manner that will emulate the role model’s actions.

    Personally, I have more than one role model, and these include both living and ones that have passed on. Taken together, they embody my mindset and my actions.

    The concept of having and looking to a role model for guidance is valid I think, and I congratulate you on your selection of a role model, Fedor seems like a very solid choice.

    • Joon Park says:

      Yes. Having a role model can be very helpful when you feel lost and not know what to do, and many times you can get your answers by reflecting on what your role model would do in those type of situations.

      And as you keep going back to these role models, you subconsciously and unconciously start becoming more like your role model as well.

  3. cristina says:

    this is a very interesting point of view:) yes you are right , if we a role model, i thing we can achieve our goals faster, better, but what when some teens choose the wrong role model?
    this is another serious problem because there are children who choose model wrong persons and their life
    takes a wrong path .
    what do you think? how can we be sure that is the right role model? ok as adults we know but the youngest? especially the teenagers?
    thanks for sharing.

    • Joon Park says:

      That’s a good question. Firstable I think it’s really important for a parent to serve as a great role model for children. The most important thing for a parent to give to their childrent is unconditional love. The second most important thing is the right guidance and the right support and encouragement.

      I didn’t have the right role model growing up and it was very tough. I felt very lost and I was desperate to find some kind of guidance. And I wandered around struggling and going through some rough times. Because I understand this, I get very obsessed about being a great parent and being there for my son.

      And without the right guidance and role models, I have seen a lot of kids fall into the wrong crowd and even lose their lives early because of that.

      This is something to really ponder about. I made it through my teenage years with a lot of ups and downs without having a solid role model. And I’m always trying to be the best example for my son to follow. So I haven’t really thought of other children and teenagers that are desperately in need of role model.

      You definitely raised a good question though.

  4. Richard says:

    I agree with you that having role models is important! I actually have a number of them, but the one who helps me the most is Albert Einstein.

    Yes, he is perhaps the most intelligent man that has lived, but that is not why he is my top choice. He had a mental issue called Dyslexia. He had difficulty relating the spoken word to the written word and had many issues caused by that, including memory issues.

    To me, that means that we all have our deficits, but we are all still able to do great things! I definitely feel the power in that!

    Thank you for this article,


    • Joon Park says:

      Perhaps that’s why he was able to use his brain in different angle because he had difficulty with words. You can look at your “drawbacks” as drawbacks or you can look at it as an opportunity. It can become a problem if you label yourself with negative connotation or you can simply not pay attention to it and look at what’s positive.

  5. Ms says:

    Joon I agree with you and share the same role model as you. Fedor reduces me into a Zen state and makes me feel like whatever the problem I can overcome it. He is one of the main reasons why I follow MMA.

  6. Aadhish Pathare says:

    Fedor is my hero too and I can definitely relate to him. The other two of my role models are Mike Tyson and Marilyn Monroe and it’s got nothing to do with their professional careers. Both fought there ways to success in an astounding way and the rain and the pain both went through inspires me.

    Marilyn Monroe other than her beauty, charm and fame was a really really nice person above all who never forgot her roots. I once saw one of her footage where she addressed the media and press outside her hospital right after having her second miscarriage. One can imagine how emotionally disturbing it can be too loose once baby, that too for the second time. But regardless of this, Marilyn handled the press with utmost humility, smiling all time until she left. I mean, it takes exceptional amount of patience to do this. For me, Marilyn Monroe, above all her beauty, her charms and her fame, was one really strong woman and a fighter in her own way.

    For Tyson, well, everyone knows he once had reached the worst form of degeneracy from being financially insolvent, a sex maniac, a junkie, a bad husband and what not. Back then, he was nothing but a sore Loser in every way. But you know shit happens when you are 21 years old, a millionaire and famous all at the same time. But I’ve got great respect for him for the way in which he has put himself together in recent past and has turned himself into a sober and respectable family man. Anyone with troubled past or present should look after Tyson for he will surely give them hope. He showed everyone that it’s never too late and it’s all about having a strong will. Even I’ve changed myself up after having my own troubles and Tyson gave me a great deal of motivation. Very few people know, Tyson also has a great deal of wisdom even though he never had any formal education. One can watch his recent interviews to know what I’m saying. Guy speaks the truth.

    Tyson also has and he always had nonetheless, this rare quality of always speaking the truth. Man always speaks his heart out. One should always stay real like him.

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