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Stop Using YouTube Challenge

Stop using YoutubeI decided to go on Stop using YouTube “challenge” to quit my addiction to YouTube.

It’s been a couple of days already and my withdrawal symptoms been kicking in fully. My fingers been shaking, my eyes had been restless, I’d hear voices in my head and I’ve already opened and closed my laptop for the 53rd times.

…..Of course I’m kidding. To be honest, I don’t think my little “addiction” isn’t that bad compare to some others. But I also know that I will be able to accomplish a lot more and be more mentally healthy overall if I can refrain from my little distraction.

I’ve often saw myself rushing to get my tasks done really late at night on those days when I get caught up with watching YouTube. Also I saw myself feeling sluggish and not so motivated to get on with my days when I realized I wasted a whole bunch of time watching YouTube.

At the end, YouTube was my way to temporarily escape from facing my tasks that need to be done that day.

And I knew that I really did not “need” YouTube and I’d be much better without it. To be honest, I’d cut off internet altogether but internet is my necessity at the moment (Email, banking, and this blog).

(There’s been a couple of years when I rarely used internet and I believe that’s when I was the most productive and mentally the sharpest).

So I finally decided to make this “big decision” to finally fix this habit.

You may be surprised how a little change of habit can make a huge difference. I’ll discuss about this a little later on this article.

New era. New addiction.

Stop using Youtube 2I know a lot of you guys suffer from similar addictions. And I know some of you have it pretty bad.

When I was a kid back in the early 90s, the most common addiction was television. But ever since the internet became available to almost everyone, this became a new issue. And possibly worse than TV, because internet can be accessed anywhere. (Smartphones, tablets, and etc.)

Especially ever since social media became so widespread, you see people sticking on to them like glue and spend so much time on it without specific purposes.

Before my YouTube addiction, I also had a similar problem with Facebook. Many times, I was mindlessly scrolling through pictures and posts of others and spent a whole bunch of minutes and felt like I wasted a big chunk of my day.

Eventually I finally cancelled my Facebook membership and just opened another for business purposes. This definitely allowed me to stay focused and I rarely went on Facebook except for my business purpose.

Well…but then there’s still YouTube…but I’ll get on to it…

But anyways my point is, this isn’t just about YouTube but social media in general.

And by finally getting to the bottom of this issue, you can make some positive changes in your life.

So how to quit this addiction?

Stop using Youtube 3First, you have to really WANT TO QUIT. You have to figure out what are the cons if you decide to continue on with your “addiction.” If your cons outweighs the pros, then you may have thought about wanting to quit.

In my case, I really don’t see any cons if I decide to quit and I see more cons if I decide to continue on with YouTube.

(Also note that because I quit YouTube, that does not mean I won’t use YouTube at all. If I need to use YouTube to add into my articles or for any other important reason, I will utilize it. I just won’t use it for entertainment purposes or to just kill time).

So once you realized that you really want to quit, the next thing you want to do is to make a decision and come up with a strategy.

Once you finally decide to quit this habit, it’ll be a lot more effective and helpful if you follow it up with a strategy or a plan.

For an example, you can decide to go on a 30 day challenge and cross out each days that you have refrained from your old habit.

Personally, I have a notepad where I write my daily agenda every day. Since I am so compulsive about getting all my tasks done and crossing out these lists, I’d add “No YouTube” as one of my daily lists(goals) and it definitely motivates me to keep up with the challenge so I can happily cross it out at the end of the day. (Reward)

Some positive effects so far….

Stop using Youtube 4I’m still at the early stage of this challenge. It’s been only about 5 days so far. However, it already feels like I’ve been on this for a long time. It already made some noticeable positive changes to my daily life.

First, I feel very accomplished and proud. I feel fresh and just good overall knowing that I have not wasted my minutes on this purposeless activity.

Second, I am more inclined to get on with my tasks. Since I no longer have any excuses or ways to procrastinate, I am more driven to do productive activities.

Third, I no longer get distracted while I am working on my computer. There are times when I am writing my articles and sometimes I’d get distracted by opening up a window to watch some YouTube. Whenever I started getting a little tired or get stuck with my writing, I used to use that as an excuse to watch YouTube to “take a break.” But now I’ll continue on with my writing unless if I get REALLY TIRED and feel like I need a break. And when I’m taking a break, instead of watching YouTube and get myself more mentally tired and get demotivated to continue on with my work, I’ll eat some refreshment or drink something. And sometimes I’ll exercise a little bit or stretch out my body to get some fresh oxygen to my brain.

So if you had been feeling the same way as I do about social media or YouTube, hop on this challenge with me. It may make some positive changes as it had for me so far.

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