Train your mind to see the good in every situation


In article, I’d like to introduce 3 ways to train your mind to see the good in every situation. Especially if you are a hard worker and tend to over pressure yourself, this training will help you a lot in so many ways.

Hard work is not enough…

Train your mind to see the good in every situation 1Hard work is the foundation to achieving goals or becoming successful. If you are a hard worker, you already have what it takes to build a good foundation to become successful. However, hard work itself will not necessarily help you achieve goals or become successful.

Have you seen those that work really hard for days, weeks, months, years, and even decades but haven’t made much progress in their lives or their goals?

 These guys can work and work for years but they’re not making any progresses in their lives because they lack the mindset or the focus.

In order to become successful and make progresses in your lives, not only you have to put in hard work, but also you have to have the right mindset.

Just as you train your body, you need to train your mind to make some leaps.

Also by having the right mindset, it will help you to continue on when you feel like giving up and  help you see some progress when you have not seen any in a long time.

Mind Training number 1 – Giving credits

Train your mind to see the good in every situation 2You need to learn to give yourself credits for your hard work. Often, we tend to under value our work and not give ourselves credits for all the hard work we put in. It is important to push further to work harder but it is also important to give ourselves enough credits. This is very important because this will give you positive perspectives and put you on a higher positive vibe. Thus, it will give you the fuel or the motivation to keep going.

This is especially important for perfectionists who tend to under value their hard work and ones who always think that they need to do more in order to deserve some credits. This is also great for people who have not seen any progress in a long time and thinking about giving up their goals. Because this will help you steer your focus away from negative perspective of not seeing result in a long time, but it help you focus on each little steps you have taken so far and value your hard work that you have put in so far. Instead of putting more pressure on yourself and punishing yourself for not seeing any progress, you will learn to become pride of how patient that you have been and how hard you have worked so far.

So continuously remind yourself of how great that you are for hanging on and putting in hard work to get towards your goal. If you tend to be hard on yourself, you have to learn and train yourself to be generous when giving yourself credits. Ones who tend to be hard on themselves are ones that are usually the hardest workers and you do need to learn to recognize how great you are for being such a hard worker.

Just like any skills, you need to continuously train your mind to do this and make it into a habit to get some benefits out of this.

Mind Training number 2 – Positive affirmation

Train your mind to see the good in every situation 3This is somewhat similar to giving credits. I don’t believe in mindlessly repeating some positive phrases that you do not really believe in and thinking that one day you will start believing those. If you feel like a total loser, and saying “I am a winner” 100 times is not going to make you feel like a winner. If you think you are weak, telling yourself I am strong 2000 times is not going to make you believe that you are strong. (If it has worked for you, then let me know.) In order to make positive affirmations work, you have to find the evidence to believe that those positive affirmations are true. It will be more effective by finding some positive qualities about you or something positive that’s going on in your life.

For an example, if you are working towards becoming rich, it won’t be effective if you keep mindlessly repeating phrases like “I am rich and I live in a million dollar mansion.” Because you know that it’s not true. But instead you can say something like “I know that I can become rich because I have put in amazing load of hard work in so far. I have a good work ethic and good foundation to become successful one day. I have made some great accomplishment in the past. For this alone, I already feel like a champ. I am a champ. It’s just a matter of time that I will achieve my goals. I’ll continue on and never give up. I have a great spirit. I will get to the end goal. I will become rich. I will have the million dollar mansion one day. I already feel like I am rich just imagining where I will be in the future. I feel like I am the top of the world!”

By putting a bit of twist on your phrases and making it become more AUTHENTIC is a lot more effective than keep repeating empty sentences that will not make you FEEL great no matter how many times you repeat them. If you start saying positive affirmations that is true to who you are and make you feel good, it will definitely give you the extra motivation and make your pursuits more exciting. This will definitely help you keep going when you feel like giving up, and it may even help you make some big leaps. When you are not excited about your pursuits, more likely you may not be putting extra efforts but had been going through the motion. To make a leap, you need to put in more effort or do something different than the same thing you have been doing all along. And by becoming excited and energized through positive affirmations that rings true, may help you get to the next level.

Just like the Mindset training 1, put some conscious effort to say some authentic positive affirmation repeatedly. Develop a habit of saying these as much as possible.

Mindset training 3 – visualization

Train your mind to see the good in every situation 4Visualize, visualize and visualize! Visualize not only what you want to have in the future after you have accomplished the goal but even visualize what’s going to happen along the journey. You can even visualize how you’re going to perform today. You have to continuously use your imagination and really feel as if they are happening. Always visualize the ideal outcomes. More and more you visualize, it is more likely to come true and come true quicker. Even if the event did not pan out the way you expected, continue to visualize, so it may happen the next time and you will learn to believe the power of visualization.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation…

By using positive visualization, you can put your mental state on the higher positive vibe. As I have mentioned, by being on a higher vibe or positive vibe you can become more energized and enthusiastic about your work and increase the productivity.

By using the three that I have discussed, you can train yourself to feel excited about your work and keep you feel energized as you’re working. Also it will keep you in the game even during hard times. Going through the motion of working over and over again will not necessarily get you the result. Once again, to make a leap and make some big progress, you have to have the right mindset.



  1. Alex says:

    Hello Joon,

    I can relate to the first portion of your article where you mention that many people put in a lot of work but still feel like they aren’t going anywhere. I sometimes feel that way. However, through the course of becoming involved in self development books and audio tapes I’m working hard in what you call creating a positive vibe.

    Although, creating a vibe isn’t something you can see, it’s definitely something you can feel. The intangible aspects of a person, like determination, ability to visualize, self reinforcement, are much more important that they physical work somebody does.

    I also like to practice affirmations and visualization, although, I have to admit that I need to work on it a little more. Thanks for the post. It was really informative.

    • Joon Park says:

      Yes. It’s not tangible and that’s why a lot of people may just disregard it and sometimes they think there’s some hidden secrets or some hidden techniques why some people became so successful. Like as if there’s some miracle formulas.

      As I have mentioned, the hard work is the foundation and back bone of success, but the right mentality is what makes hard workers become successful.

      I’m there with you on practicing more. I’ve been setting aside time to write some positive affirmations and visualize.

  2. Blame says:

    I know what you mean. During the journey towards success, it can be demotivating. However training our minds to be patient and forgiving towards ourselves can be very helpful.

    I will keep these mind training techniques. When you have more ideas, please write more.
    My question is this, what if there are times that I feel I am worthless in everything. I don’t feel that way now but occasionally I will feel that way. What do you think?

    • Joon Park says:

      It is important to be patient but it’s important to monitor yourself whether you are being patient or being complacent. There’s no reason to feel bad about yourself and that you need to forgive yourself as long as you are taking some sort of action even though the action that you have taken may have came up short. Only time you should really feel bad is if you are just not doing anything at all.

      It’ll be more helpful if you’d tell me in details why you feel worthless about yourself. Is it the depression? Or is it the lack of achievements in your life?
      This article that I wrote may help you if you just feel worthless in general.

  3. Stu says:

    Nice article!

    I too am pretty hard on myself, and it’s kind of frustrating sometimes. I definitely would benefit from just stopping and thinking about how far I’ve come sometimes, rather than dwelling on where I want to be. The bible tells us to be anxious for nothing, but in all things give thanks. I’m really working on that lately.

    Rewarding ourselves and having a vision is also important. I write down my goals and tasks each day so I can stay organized in my mind as well as in the natural. It also helps to keep my work area free of clutter and distractions. When I sit down to work, I want to be able to have a clear idea of what I’m doing. I still need to work on not letting my mind wander so much, which I have a tendency to do.

    I like what you said about positive reinforcement. I really have to encourage myself at times, because there are moments when I feel isolated and alone, with no one else around to encourage me. I will try and apply what you said and use concrete examples more often.


    • Joon Park says:

      I’m right there with you. I’ve always been pretty hard on myself. But at the same time, it helped me push further to achieve goals. But also at the same time, I often felt empty and burnt out when I was done with those goals. It was satisfying that I was able to work hard and achieve my goals, but I knew there was other ways to work on goals without making it so stressful. I mean it’s already hard enough to push ourselves to work hard, but the process can be rougher if you are constantly whipping yourself on top of that.

      As far as giving thanks, I have a daily ritual where I write things that I am grateful for that day. It can be as brief as one sentence. But for that moment, I’d like to set aside time to give thanks. Bring myself back to the earth. At least for that moment, I can recognize my life and realize that my life isn’t too bad.

      I am exactly like you. My mind tend to wander a lot. If I did not have any set goals that I wrote down, I would be all over the place. So having goals and directions definitely keeps me from straying far far away.

      I believe the reason why there are only a few pioneers and a few distinguished individuals that are successful is because they took the road that not a lot of people have taken. To become successful, you’d have to walk a lone path and take the path that is true to your heart. By taking that path, most people are not going to join you. But at the end, it’s totally up to you. To be successful, the path won’t be a walk in a rose garden.

  4. Jonah says:

    awesome article! I totally agree with you when you say that a lot of people are hardworkers, but lack the right mindset. It’s easy to work hard. Anyone can do that. However, it’s also essential to work smart. I also like the visualization section. Constantly daydreaming of my awesome future really gets me through the tough times in my life where I feel like almost giving up.

    • Joon Park says:

      Yes. Working hard is a must. But without focus and right mindset, you may be consistently working but not getting yourself to the next level. So as you have said, you should work hard AND work smart.

  5. Anh Nguyen says:


    This post hits very close to home for me. I was skimming through it at first and saw the second tip as using affirmation and though: “Man, that never worked for me.”

    But what you explained really help me see it clearer. I was following dozens of self-help books before and they just all encourage you to say things like: “I am strong, I am rich, I have 1 million dollars in my bank account.” It’s very boring and I ended up asking if there is something wrong with me because it doesn’t work.

    But what you mentioned about context and being authentic in your affirmations. Even with the example. it helps a lot.

    Thanks for all the great tips. Do you have any advice on how to apply them as a habit? Do you do them all at once daily or starting with one first?

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    • Joon Park says:

      Yeah. I agree on that. You can say all these affirmation and if you are not “feeling” it or just mindlessly sounding them out, I think it’s pointless. At least personally, I haven’t found them very effective.
      Well what I do is, at the end of the day or anytime of the day, I make sure I set aside a time everyday and write it or type it on a notepad. But when I type it I’ll really feel it and it’ll be something that is very true to me. I’ll start feeling good. It’ll even bring a smile to my face. I’ll just really enjoy it and fun with it. So everyday I’ll set aside time to do it.

      But also, I’ll randomly do it through out the day whenever I feel like it. Especially when I’m driving in my car, I think it’s a great time to do it since there’s not much distraction except for myself and the wheel.

      And I think it’s better to start off slow. First I started writing something that I’m grateful about every single day. Then recently, I added “praising myself” part. I love the “praising myself” part. It’s just really fun and it makes me really appreciate everything that I do which I wasn’t really good at. I always underappreciated and did not give myself enough credits for small steps I took. So this is something new. And I’ve been having lots of fun with it and it’s been very effective so far.

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