What is your aspiration in life?


First timers…

what is your aspiration in lifeWhat is your aspiration in life? If you have never thought about this and had been living day to day, pay check to pay check, moment to moment, this question may come fresh to you.

Maybe you were never exposed to a question like this before?

Or maybe you were avoiding this type of question so you can avoid facing your deeper self.

Maybe you do not care about this type of question. Or maybe you do, but you try to bury it deep down so you don’t have to face it.

Whatever your reason may be, just give it a chance, sit down and think about this question. Give it at least 5 minutes. Or even more if you’d like to.

You may find a new opening within you as you ponder over this question.

Goal Getters…

what is your aspiration in life 2You are definitely familiar with this type of question and you have thought about this question before. You may even have written a few things down on a notebook to answer this question.

Maybe you’ve already been working hard trying to manifest your aspiration in real life.

So you may not give it a second chance to ponder over this and say “I already been through this. I already know what my aspiration is. I don’t have time for this I gotta grind so I can get closer to my goal. What’s the point of going back to where I started and waste time thinking about my aspiration again?”

Even if you feel like it’s a “waste of time,” give it a few minutes and just step back to your initial point for a moment.

You may have not gave it a thorough thought before you began to take actions. Maybe along the way, you may have digressed and have forgotten about the depth of your aspiration. Maybe you may even have acquired some new perspective along the journey and may want to adjust your initial aspiration.

Whatever it may be, just give it a chance, take a step back and give it a few minutes to really think about “What your aspiration in life is.”

It may give you a new big insight and a new perspective. It may even re direct your life. At least, I can guarantee that it’ll make you feel refreshed and re boost your motivation.

What is your aspiration in life?

what is your aspiration in life 3By definition, an aspiration is a hope or ambition of achieving something.

The reason why I decided to delve into this topic is because I decided to go back to Tony Robbin’s teaching and pick up “Giant Steps” by Tony Robbins again and go through his daily practices and inspirations written in the book.

(If you are not familiar with “Giant Steps” by Tony Robbins, check out this article. )

The first page (or first day) suggests that you sit down and think about what you aspiration is. I mean REALLY give it some time and THINK about what your ASPIRATION is. Not like “oh I want to be rich,” “I want to have a peaceful life,” or “I wanna be a great basketball player.” But really sit down, VISUALIZE and picture yourself in details.

Think about “How you’re going to look.” “How your facial expression is going to be” “How you are going to feel.” “What’s going to be surrounding you?” Try to be as specific as possible.

Also think about if this is what you TRULY DESIRE in your life. Is this something that you will OBSESS about? Is it going to be WORTH IT? Do you want it so bad that it doesn’t matter what type of hardships that you may have to face along the way? Is this going to make you feel very satisfied? Fulfilled? Are you willing to sacrifice for this aspiration?

Really. I mean REALLY picture yourself in every little details and think about if this is what you want or can there be other things that may stand out as a priority?

My story….

what is your aspiration in life 4What really helped me out doing this exercise was that it helped me to refocus on the goal that I deem very important. It helped me to snap back from my digression and put me back to where my mind set was when I first began my journey towards achieving this goal.

Even though I did not stop pursuing this goal, I know I lost a bit of focus after a while. Also my motivation level wasn’t as high as it was when I first got started. So by revisiting my beginning phase, it definitely put some fuel to my motivation again.

I began by remembering where I was when I first began. How my state was. How my level of excitement was. What my thoughts were. What my plans were.

Also it gave me the motivation to step up a notch and give me a little more challenge to my every day practice.

Also it allowed me to reassess my every day routine and minimize some pursuits that were not the priority at the moment and bring back up my main priority to the top.

Also it’s very fun to just take time to visualize in details of how my life is going to look like when I achieve this goal. It’s definitely a motivation booster.

Please give this a shot. Click on this to find out more about Tony Robbin’s “Giant Steps.”

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