Who is Tony Robbins?


Who is Tony Robbins?

who is tony robbinsIf you are a fan of self-development genre or motivational speakers, you may have definitely heard of Tony Robbins. If you are interested in becoming rich and looked for books on ways to become rich, you may have come across Tony Robbins as well. Even if you are not a motivational junkie or is not so interested in making a lot of money, you may still have heard of Tony Robbins from somewhere.

That’s how well-known and influential Tony Robbins is regardless of what your interests are.

He is one of the most influential motivational “guru,” and is well-known for some of his greatest works such as “Unlimited Power,” “Unleash the Power Within,” and “Awaken the Giant Within.”

He is also an entrepreneur, author, and a philanthropist. Not only that he talks and influences others through his words, but he lives it. He has overcome some hardships and challenges in the past and has landed over to the brighter side. He went from living in a crummy apartment to becoming a multimillionaire with a net worth of 480 million dollars currently.

He is a walking motivation in my opinion. He is always full of energy and very dynamic during his speech. He gets the crowd moving during his show, and the show resembles a rock concert than a motivational speech event.

So let’s delve into a bit more and learn about Tony Robbins.

His dark past…

He grew up in a very unstable and chaotic family. His father left their family when he was 7 because he could not financially provide for them. Later on his mother remarried a baseball player and he was adopted by his new step dad. His mother was emotionally unstable and abused a lot of drugs and alcohol. He was the caregiver of his two younger siblings while growing up. At the age of 17, his mother chased him out of the house with a kitchen knife and he never returned. He never attended college and he worked as a janitor after leaving his mother’s house.


who is tony robbins 2As he mentions in the video clip, that one Thanksgiving Day moved him greatly and changed his whole perspective on people and what he wanted to do in his life.  As poor as they were, they barely had enough food to celebrate Thanksgiving Day like the average family in America. However, when a man showed up to offer some meal for his family and his dad tried to send him away because of his own pride and ego, he learned a huge lesson. He learned that there were strangers who truly cared about well beings of other people regardless of who they are, and there are people like his dad who could not even help their own because of their egoistic perspectives. He also recognized how a perspective can make a huge difference.

His Career

who is tony robbins 3His career began by working with Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn is also one of the most influential and well-known motivational speakers.

He also worked with John Grinder who is a co-founder of NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming. Neuro-linguistic programming is a technique that has not been proven by scientific community but had been able to effectively change behaviors, thought patterns, emotional responses, and etc., of people within short period of time. As Tony Robbins had been trained by John Grinder, who is one of the originators of NLP, he also effectively incorporates NLP during his seminars.

As he developed his own work as a self-help coach, he also successfully promoted and spread his teachings through infomercials.

His popularity was gained rapidly and he eventually set up his own company.

His teachings deal with many different aspects of people’s lives such as personal issues, relationship, financial success, and etc.

He has influenced millions of people around the world including many top celebrities, top athletes, businessmen, and so on.

My words…

who is tony robbins 4I discovered Tony Robbins while I was serving in the military. I was always interested in ways to better myself and ways to motivate myself to produce better results. So being a motivational junkie, I often heard his name Tony Robbins, but I had never really read or seen his materials.

So as I was skimming through self-help section in the bookstore, I noticed several books by Tony Robbins. However, since I wasn’t really familiar with his work at the time, I wanted to get something simple that was from him.

So I purchased “Giant Steps” by Tony Robbins which had 365 daily lessons of Tony Robbins that lets you learn the main lessons through daily steps.

It was easy to read and easy to focus on and definitely had boosted me to better myself and better my life.

And I wanted to go in little bit more in depth with who he is and his work again as I have re-picked up his books recently.

So stay tuned for more introduction of his works and how effective they are.

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